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It began with us rethinking our approach and the decisions we make when it comes to buying. We realised individual, thoughtful choices, no matter how small, add up to make a difference at home and in the marketplace. Spending arbitrarily is one of the reasons why shopping in today’s context is increasingly getting a bad rap, though it is arguably buying too much of the wrong things that may be the inherent problem. To shift away from this consumption pattern, we set out to identify and work with reliable brands that genuinely want to do better for their customers and the planet.

As sustainability has become common parlance, it is no secret that running an ethical business — from sustainable sourcing, better design to quality materials — is simply costlier, as it should. By acknowledging value beyond cost and supporting brands that operate responsibly, we form new consumer habits that would benefit our wellbeing and the environment, and create meaningful impact together in the long run.

When it comes to change, we believe small, consistent actions are veritably more viable to achieve some lofty goals for the future.
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